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Developing Digital Technologies for Neurodegenerative Diseases




Who We Are

At ClearSky we are passionate about improving the lives of people affected by neurodegenerative conditions. We combine the expertise of a diverse team of professionals from AI & Machine Learning, consultant clinical neurology, and seasoned pharmaceutical and MedTech industry professionals. 

Our founder, Professor Stephen Smith, is a visionary leader who has dedicated years of academic work to the application of machine learning in medical research.

ClearSky has a track record of developing devices for Parkinson’s, Huntingdon’s, and our latest research is tackling the diagnosis of dementia – find out more

What We Do

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ClearSky offers AI/ML services for clinical research and product development in neurodegenerative conditions. With expertise in developing CE-marked medical devices and supporting global clinical studies, we are the go-to-expert in using AI and Machine Learning to address complex medical challenges.


ClearSky provides a portfolio of clinically validated non-invasive devices that offer a safe, quick, and objective assessment of patients’ symptoms, making them suitable for clinical diagnostics and supporting clinical studies.

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