ClearSky’s PD-Monitor has been used in a nationwide study to investigate whether statins are effective in slowing the progress of Parkinson’s.

Statins, such as Simvastatin, are a group of medicines that are currently prescribed to lower cholesterol in the blood.

However, there is evidence that statins have a potential neuro-protective role and the trial is investigating whether Simvastatin has the potential to slow or halt the progression of Parkinson’s.

The study, called PD-STAT, is taking place at 23 NHS hospitals across the UK and is led by the Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit at Plymouth University and sponsored by Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The Cure Parkinson’s Trust and the JP Moulton Charitable Foundation are providing funding.

PD-Monitor uses small, non-invasive sensors positioned on the finger and thumb to measure movements in response to a clinical finger-tapping test, which is conventionally used to assess the progress of Parkinson’s.

By using PD-Monitor, we offer an objective measurement, which provides a more accurate and reliable assessment of the benefits of Simvastatin in slowing the progress of Parkinson’s.

First results from the study are expected to be published within 18 months.