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We support pharmaceutical studies by providing an objective means of assessing people taking part.

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Clinical trials are essential to the development of new medical treatments and diagnostic tests. However, conventional methods can be subjective and limited. ClearSky Medical Diagnostics’ products are a recognised method choice for assessing characteristics of Parkinson’s and a whole range of neurological conditions. By using our technology, clinical trails are able to reach a level of objectivity that would not be achieved by traditional means.

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Simvastatin Trial


Simvastatin as a neuroprotective treatment for Parkinson’s. The study, called PD-STAT, is taking place at 23 NHS hospitals across the UK and is led by the Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit at Plymouth University and sponsored by Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

Chief Investigator: Dr Camille Carroll, Peninsula Medical School, University of Plymouth
Sites (in 6 of 22): Derriford Hospital, Plymouth; Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro; St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey; Royal Free Hospital, London; John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford; Kings College Hospital, London
Patients: ~100
Status: Concluded March 2020 (due to COVID-19)

azathioprine trial


Azathioprine, an immunosuppressor. ClearSky’s PD-Monitor is being used in the AZA-PD clinical trial, led by  the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Parkinson-Plus. The trial is addressing precisely how azathioprine, an immunosuppressive medication, interacts with the immune system in Parkinson’s with the aim of slowing brain cell damage and the progression of clinical symptoms.


Chief Investigator: Dr Caroline Williams-Gray, University of Cambridge.
Sites: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust,
Patients: ~60
Status: Ongoing

Exenatide trial


Exenatide, a receptor agonist. The PD-Monitor is being used in a clinical trial in patients with Parkinson’s, of a drug called exenatide, which is already licensed for the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes. The trial will involve 200 participants with Parkinson’s from 15 hospital centres across the UK.

Chief investigator: Dr Thomas Foltynie, UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology
Sites (in 2 of 6): King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UK)
Patients: 200 total
Status: Ongoing

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