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Developing Post-DBS Monitoring System to Enable Remote Patient Follow-Up Consultations

DBS patients in China often need to travel to big cities for post-operation follow-up visits. Our client, a leading neuromulation device company, aimed to revolutionize patient care. Their goal was to develop a remote monitoring feature for their DBS device to transmit movement data to surgeons, eliminating the need for frequent travels

While existing technologies rely on video-based methods, ClearSky's LID-Monitor stands out with sensor-based 24-hour continuous monitoring. Patients can comfortably wear it at home during daily activities, providing more comprehensive and objective data. Our proprietary algorithm classifies movement data into dyskinesia and bradykinesia, two of the most relevant Parkinson's symptoms, presenting results in a user-friendly format.

We were commissioned to integrate LID-Monitor into the client's remote monitoring platform, delivering valuable insights for both the client and DBS surgeons in evaluating post-DBS effects and patient conditions.

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