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Unleashing white-box machine learningfor solving complex medical problems

Our Services

Clinical research support 

  • Protocol development

  • Data collection

  • Statistical analysis

  • Machine Learning application

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Product development services

  • Algorithm Development

  • Hardware Sourcing/Validation

  • Regulatory Documentation 

  • Clinical Study Design and Implementation

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Why Choose ClearSky Medical Diagnostics?

Expertise in Neurodegenerative Field:
Our specialized focus allows us to deeply understand and address the unique challenges of neurodegenerative conditions.

Ready-to-Deploy Intelligent Devices:
Gain access to our portfolio of CE-marked and clinically validated intelligent medical devices, ready for seamless deployment.


Leaders in White-Box Machine Learning:
At the forefront of technology, we lead in the application of white-box machine learning in healthcare, ensuring innovative and efficient solutions.

Interdisciplinary Expertise:
Our team, comprising computer geeks, clinical experts, and industry professionals, collaborates seamlessly to meet diverse needs.

Proven Track Record:
We take pride in our successful history of supporting global studies and creating clinically led digital solutions.


Easy Collaboration:
As a small and agile team, we're known for our approachability and adaptability—making collaboration with us a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Pharma trials:




Exenatide, a receptor agonist.

The PD-Monitor is being used in a clinical trial in patients with Parkinson’s, of a drug called exenatide, which is already licensed for the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes. The trial will involve 200 participants with Parkinson’s from 15 hospital centres across the UK.

Chief investigator: Dr Thomas Foltynie, UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology
Sites (in 2 of 6): King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UK)
Patients: 200 total
Status: Ongoing


The partnership between ClearSky and Shimmer/Verisense combines the Verisense wearable sensor platform with ClearSky’s algorithms and machine learning expertise to provide AI-empowered digital solutions in the field of central nervous system (CNS) diseases, such as Parkinson's, epilepsy or dystonia.

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