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ClearSky attends neurodegenerative disease conference in China

The ClearSky China team exhibited at the 2018 Shanghai Ruijin International Forum of Translational Research in Neurodegenerative Disease in March.

It was also the second annual meeting of neurodegenerative diseases of The Chinese Neuroscience Society.

Around 300 neurologists from all across China attended the Forum, which featured an international panel of experts discussing a wide range of topics, from basic research to clinical applications in the field.

Ruijin Hospital is a centre in ClearSky’s Parkinson’s Global Collaboration Network and has recently completed the single largest validation study on PD-Monitor, a device that provides objective information for confirming the diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

In China, it is estimated that more than 2.5 million people are living with Parkinson’s today, a figure that is expected to rise to about five million by 2030 – accounting for more than half of the world’s patients at that time.

China conference ClearSky
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