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ClearSky expands team with key appointments

ClearSky Medical Diagnostics is delighted to announce the appointment of two new members of staff – Marta Vallejo and Amir Dehsarvi.

Dr Vallejo has joined ClearSky in the newly-formed role of Head of AI and Machine Learning and will be responsible for the development of the company’s core IP, underlying algorithms and classifiers.

She will work closely with ClearSky’s Chief Scientific Advisor Dr Michael Lones, at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Marta will liaise with our collaborators in UK, China, Singapore, the US and other locations worldwide, as well as with team members based at the company’s head office in York.

Marta says: “I am delighted to join ClearSky and work on technologies that help to diagnose chronic neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s. I will be developing the machine learning algorithms that drives LID-Monitor and PD-Monitor, as well as future products that apply multi-objective evolutionary algorithms.”

Dr Dehsarvi joins ClearSky as Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for the deployment, operation and management of the company’s technology base products. Amir holds a PhD in electronic engineering from the University of York.

Amir says “It has been an honour working for ClearSky these last few years as a Technical Advisor and I am thrilled to join the company officially as Chief Technical Officer. I am dedicating my energy and skills towards the efficient management of the technical elements of the company to promote better disease diagnosis and management in individuals with neurodegenerative diseases.”

Professor Stephen Smith, Managing Director at ClearSky Medical Diagnostics, said: “We’re very excited to have recruited key people that will contribute significantly to ClearSky MD’s future growth strategy and product development.”

“Both Marta and Amir have extensive experience in managing clinical data and will play a key role in ensuring our portfolio of non-invasive devices provide a safe, quick and objective assessment of patients’ symptoms.”

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