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ClearSky’s AI technology supports the novel research of children’s brain health

ClearSky Medical Diagnostics is supporting a new initiative to better understand the development of children’s brains during their early stages of life.

The Wellcome Leap Program’s The First 1000 Days – Promoting Healthy Brain Networks project focuses on the first three years, when children develop critical cognitive abilities, such as executive function and self-regulation.

During the first 1000 days, the brain undergoes extensive network construction and remodeling in response to interactions with their parents, other children, and the environment.

The University of York, one of Wellcome Leap Program’s selected ‘performers’, will be designing new intelligent devices to assess children’s development, with ClearSky selected to provide assistance in their development.

With more than eight years of developing clinically validated and CE marked intelligent medical devices, ClearSky provides expert consultancy on all aspects of medical device design, development, evaluation and regulatory conformation.

“We are delighted to provide the University of York with our expert consultancy in the development of these new intelligent devices. Ensuring regulatory compliance conformity will allow these devices to be used by research groups worldwide to assess children’s development in their first 1000 days,” says Harvey Dettmar, chief financial officer and founding member of ClearSky Medical Diagnostics.

Wellcome Leap, founded by the UK research charity Wellcome Trust in 2020, is a US-based nonprofit organisation funding programmes that aim to create innovative scientific and technological breakthroughs in human health over the next five to 10 years.

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