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ClearSky provides a portfolio of clinically validated intelligent devices that offer a safe, quick, and objective assessment of patients’ symptoms


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Confirming diagnosis of Parkinson's disease

Diagnosis of Parkinson’s can be difficult to confirm by conventional clinical assessment alone.

PD-Monitor assists clinicians by measuring symptoms of Parkinson’s while patients perform routine clinical tasks.

Small, non-invasive sensors positioned on the finger and thumb measure patients‘ movements in response to the finger-tapping test, a clinical task in which the patient repeatedly taps the forefinger and thumb of each hand for a period of 10-30 seconds.

Readings from the sensors are transmitted to a tablet computer and then analysed by ClearSky's software, which employs white-box algorithms trained to recognize patient movements characteristic of tremor and bradykinesia—two important symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

The device displays objective symptom measurements on a tablet computer, presenting an output figure on a scale developed and validated for Parkinson's disease diagnosis.

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24-hour monitoring device for Parkinson's symptoms


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Many Parkinson’s disease patients experience unpleasant side effects, such as involuntary movements called ‘dyskinesia’, as a result of levodopa medication.

LID-Monitor is a wearable medical device for continuous monitoring of Parkinson’s disease symptoms, designed for home use by patients and their caregivers. 

Six small wireless sensors are worn by a patient with known Parkinson’s around the home over periods of up to 24 hours.

Movements associated with dyskinesia and the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are recognised by ClearSky's specialist software and transmitted electronically to specialists in an easy to interpret graphical format.

LID-Monitor offers a safe, simple, and unobtrusive way to monitor Parkinson's symptoms in a patient’s own home, enabling specialists to measure the effectiveness of their treatment plan.


Detecting Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

MCI represents a transitional stage between healthy aging and dementia. The examination for signs to support the diagnosis of MCI is typically basic and simplistic, making the diagnosis an imprecise science.

The MCI-Monitor is a novel test developed to assess subjects’ visuospatial ability, memory, and executive function—three crucial cognitive functions. This test can be quickly and safely conducted in the clinic, providing instant feedback to clinicians.

During the test, patients wear smart glasses and a data glove while performing a standard clinical task known as the 'reach and grasp task.' This task involves reaching for and grasping an object, such as a coffee mug.

Data from the smart glasses and data glove are transmitted to a tablet computer and processed by ClearSky's specialized software. The algorithms are trained to provide an objective assessment of visuospatial impairment, compatible with conventional scoring systems.

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