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ClearSky features at UK–China university consortium

Professor Stephen Smith highlighted the work of ClearSky Medical Diagnostics in diagnosing and monitoring Parkinson’s at a UK–China university consortium in November.

The UK-Jiangsu World-Class University Consortium is a group of more than 30 leading universities from the UK and Jiangsu province in China committed to research and education collaboration.

Funded by the British Council and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, the Consortium promotes research in areas of health, advanced manufacturing and environmental engineering.

China UK Consortium

ClearSky’s managing director took a leading role in the virtual annual general meeting of the UK-Jiangsu World-Class University Consortium.

Representing the University of York, Professor Smith delivered a presentation to the healthcare panel titled ‘Engineering for the Future-Applying technological Solutions for a Changing World’.

He shared figures that 127,000 people in the UK have Parkinson’s and it is estimated that 4.94 million people in China will have Parkinson’s by 2030. In addition, Professor Smith focused on the clinical challenges of Parkinson’s and how ClearSky had developed products for home and remote monitoring.

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