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Introducing Xiang Li – our new intern

We’re delighted to welcome Xiang Li to the ClearSky Medical Diagnostics team – she joined us on a 3-month internship in December.

Xiang will be based at the ClearSky MD’s headquarters at the University of York.

My name is Xiang Li and I recently finished my MSc in Engineering Management at the University of York.

I come from Northern China and I attended the University of Tulsa in the US while working on my Undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering.

Following the successful completion of my undergraduate degree, I attended Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany for my first master’s degree with a specialisation in Lasers and Photonics.

Tell us about your recent MSc in Engineering Management Over the last year and a half of studying at York, I have gained a lot of experience in project management, strategy, and international business. In this major, I have not only learned the theoretical knowledge, but also, most importantly, I have learned how to put that theoretical knowledge into practice through simulation projects that are highly effective.

How will you work with ClearSky MD? Upon my graduation in September, I immediately got an internship in ClearSky MD. My internship responsibilities include: investigating market activity, analysing published data and statistics for direct or indirect competitors and evaluating the past performance of other products or services sales.

Tasks will include: • Conducting qualitative or quantitative surveys involving field, interview or focus group assessments • Designing and managing the distribution of surveys and questionnaires • Collecting data on competitors and marketplace, analyse and interpret data to identify patterns and come out with solutions • Evaluating program methodology and key data to ensure data released are accurate and the angle of the release is correct • Writing detailed reports and presenting results to the management group

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