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SCOR Innovation Podcast: Interview with Professor Smith

ClearSky’s co-founder Professor Stephen Smith discusses disruptive healthcare technologies in neurodegenerative diseases in the latest SCOR Innovation Podcast.

The SCOR Innovation Podcast channel sheds light on evolving consumer needs in Life & Health (re)insurance and connects them to global ecosystems.

This podcast episode, hosted by David Ferguson, underwriting development manager in one of SCOR’s Innovation Teams, explores disruptive healthcare technologies in neurodegenerative diseases.

Stephen highlights the challenges of diagnosing Parkinson’s and managing medication for the condition and our work in applying ‘white box machine learning’ to address these issues.

Professor Smith highlights the importance of an accurate diagnosis in neurodegenerative diseases with one in four people receiving a misdiagnosis in Parkinson’s which can lead to an overtreatment.

ClearSky MD provides the PD-Monitor assisting specialists by measuring and identifying symptoms of Parkinson’s, while the LID-Monitor offers a safe and simple way of monitoring dyskinesia in the patient’s own home.

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