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Webinar Puts on Spotlight on Personalised Digital Health

Mark your calendars for Monday 4 December 2033 as Professor Stephen Smith takes part in a webinar exploring personalised digital biomarkers and health protocols.

ClearSky’s co-founder, alongside other leading experts, will explore how personalisation is reshaping the landscape of digital health. While personalised healthcare has traditionally been associated with genomics, the emergence of digital health technologies (DHTs) has opened up new horizons.

While science and technology are fundamental, the webinar will focus on actionable takeaways for healthcare managers and executives. The speakers will share insights drawn from their extensive experience as pioneers in the field.

Smith will be joined by Arthur Combs, MD, who brings over 20 years of clinical practice and medical device industry experience, focusing on wearables and digital biomarkers, making him a sought-after expert in the field, as well as Geoff Gill, CEO of Verisense Health, who possesses extensive expertise in acquiring and analysing wearable sensor data, including overseeing consumer neuroscience studies, offering valuable insights into the practical applications of digital health technologies.

This webinar is designed for a diverse audience, including professionals interested in digital health technologies, pharmaceutical executives engaged in digital clinical trials, digital health researchers, healthcare providers, payers, and anyone interested in understanding the evolving regulatory landscape of healthcare.

Key takeaways:

• Expect to gain a deep understanding of: • The importance of personalising digital biomarkers • Tangible benefits of adopting a personalised approach • Distinctions between personalised digital health and traditional methods • Practical strategies for successful implementation

Webinar Details Date: Monday 4 December 2023 Time: 11 am EST (NA) / 4 pm GMT (UK) / 5 pm CET (EU-Central) Duration: 60 minutes Register for the webinar

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