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ClearSky Medical Diagnostics Expands Algorithm Development Services for Neurodegenerative Disease Assessment

ClearSky Medical Diagnostics is a leading innovator of digital technologies tailored for accurate and objective assessment of neurodegenerative disease symptoms. Our expertise is demonstrated through the development of groundbreaking medical devices like the LID-Monitor for levodopa-induced dyskinesia measurement and the PD-Monitor for Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis.

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Building upon our own experiences, ClearSky is now expanding its Algorithm Development services to meet the increasing demand for digital solutions and AI applications in addressing neurodegenerative diseases' complexities. Our unique interdisciplinary approach integrates AI/computer science experts who deeply understand clinical workflows and needs.


Leading our AI/ML team is Prof. Stephen Smith, from the School of Physics, Engineering, and Technology at the University of York. His expertise ensures that our services are guided by cutting-edge knowledge in the medical application of AI and Machine Learning. Here's why ClearSky is your go-to partner for AI-based digital solutions:

·       Expertise in Neurodegenerative Field: Our focused approach enables us to grasp and tackle the distinctive challenges of neurodegenerative conditions effectively.

·       Ready-to-Deploy Intelligent Devices: Access our portfolio of CE-marked and clinically validated intelligent medical devices, ready for seamless deployment in clinical settings.

·       Leaders in White-Box Machine Learning: Pioneering the use of white-box machine learning in healthcare, we deliver innovative and efficient solutions that drive meaningful outcomes.

·       Interdisciplinary Expertise: Our diverse team comprising AI/ML specialists, clinical experts, and industry professionals collaborates seamlessly to address a wide range of needs and challenges.

·       Proven Track Record: With a successful history of supporting global studies and developing clinically led digital solutions, ClearSky is a trusted partner in the healthcare community.

·       Easy Collaboration: As a small and agile team, we prioritize approachability and adaptability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable collaboration experience for our clients.


ClearSky bridges the gap by providing the AI and machine learning expertise that medical professionals and industry seek but may lack. Working with ClearSky is straightforward. Just present your clinical question, and our AI/ML experts will create customized algorithms tailored to your research needs. Our extensive experience ensures a rigorous algorithm development process, covering protocol design, data collection, statistical analysis, and cutting-edge machine learning techniques.


Partner with ClearSky Medical Diagnostics to unlock the full potential of AI and digital technologies in advancing neurodegenerative disease research and patient care.


Check out our case studies to see how we supported clinical research and product development needs for medical professionals and industry.




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