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Global recognition for ClearSky Medical Diagnostics

ClearSky Medical Diagnostics is recognised as an ‘up and coming’ company tackling neurodegenerative disease through technology.

Data science company StartUs Insights, which identifies startups, disruptive technologies and new business models early-on, selected ClearSky in its top five of ‘promising startups’ in this area.

StartUs Insights analysed 340 startups tackling neurodegenerative diseases. It chose to showcase ClearSky, as well as Darmiyan, Talisman, Voyager Therapeutic and CogniHealth, for developing innovative solutions to tackle neurodegenerative disease.

Global Startup Heat Map

Last year, Professor Stephen Smith – ClearSky’s co-founder and director – earned the accolade of ‘national lifesaver’ in recognition of his research into the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s.

Smith was placed on the MadeAtUni list of the top 100 University researchers whose work is saving lives and making a life-changing difference to health and wellbeing.

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